Online Advanced Meditation YACEP course

Yoga Pathshala (YTT School) Nepal

Online Advanced Meditation YACEP course

Duration: 60hrs

Course details

  1. Introduction class.
  2. What is meditation.
  3. Benefit of meditation.
  4. Types of meditation.
  5. Meditation techniques.
  6. Online practice.
  7. 6 special YOGA pose for concentration mind and body.
  8. 6 special MUDRA for meditation practice.
  9. 6 special PRANAYAM technique related meditation.
  10. Meditation Philosophy about Hindu, Buddhist and Osho.
  11. Mantra with chanting and meaning.
  12. Class methodology.
  13.  Question Answer class.
  14. Exam

Class pattern: Online videos, Live class with zoom app.

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1st class:

Starting date: 6th June 2020 to 21st June 2020

2nd class:

Starting date: 5th July 2020 to 20th July 2020