Online Advanced Pranayam YACEP course (OAPYC)

Teaching Topics

This online course provides an overview of Pranayam and how yogi live long life and benefit of Pranayam, Mudras and technical terms and other important topic we teach. We follow traditional way.

Topic areas include:

  • The history and philosophy of Pranayam
  • Basic functional anatomy and physiology
  • The essence of the main types of Pranayam
  • Provide 30 Pranayam names.
  • Theory and practice of traditional Pranayam techniques
  • A simple hour long pranayam  practice that is taught and demonstrated in more than 15 different ways by senior yoga & pranayam teacher.
  • The principles, theory and practice of being your own yoga teacher that are the prelude to learning to teach other people
  • doing online practice and student can ask question answers.
  • End of the class student must be attend exam.

Topic and sessions.

Topic A: The history and philosophy of Pranayam

Topic B: Basic applied anatomy and physiology of Pranayam

Topic C: Technique of Pranayam & Byau

Topic D: Benefit of Pranayam.

Topic E: 30 Most Important Pranayam name in English Saskrit and Meaning of Names

Topic F: Physical Pranayam practice: Yogic Breath

Abdominal breath

Chest Breath

Abdominal and chest breath

Topic G: Ratio of breath

Topic H: Bhastrika Pranayam

Topic I: Ujjayi Pranayam

Topic J: Nadi Shodhana Pranayam

Topic K:  Kapalbhati Pranayam

Topic L: Chandra and Surye Bhedhan and Chandra bhaedan Pranayam

Topic M: Sitali & Sitkari Pranayam

Topic N: Murcha Pranayam

Topic O: Bhamari Pranayam

Topic P: information about Nadis (Ida, Pingla and Susumna)

Topic Q: Information about Aswoni Mudra (Mul Bandha)

Topic R: Information about Jalandhar Bandha

Topic S: Information about Upward Abdominal Lock (Uddiyana Bandha)

Topic T: Mahabandha (Great Lock)

Topic U: Breath control (rechak purak Kumbhak & baye kumbhak)

Topic V: Pranayam and Mudras relation

Topic W: Meditation and relaxation with breath

Topic X: Meditation and relaxation with breath & Mudra

Topic Y: homework and home practice

Topic Z: Question & answer class.


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